Morning service 5th August 2018  led by Rev Robin Brooks


Morning service 12th August 2018  led by Rev Jona Sewell with Communion


Evening service 12th August 2018  Hymns and Testimonies 


Morning service 26th August 2018  led by Brian Lumsden


Evening service 26th August 2018 Led by Rev Tim Woolley


Morning service 2nd September 2018  led by Geoff Orrock


Evening service 2nd September 2018 Led by Maureen Ridley


Morning service 9th September 2018  led by Rev Jona Sewell with communion


Morning service 16th September 2018  led by David Forrester


Evening service 16th September 2018 Led by Rev Jona Sewell with communion


Morning service 23rd September 2018  led by Rev John Howard


Evening service 23rd September 2018 Led by Rev John Howard


Morning service 30th September 2018  led by Estwar Sanichar


Evening service 30th September 2018 Led by Rev Jona Sewell


 Morning service 7th October 2018  led by Rev Jona Sewell


Evening service 7th October 2018 Led by Rachel Wood